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Repurposed Trinket Storage

If you missed my last post, I've been catching you up on some of the projects I've been creating lately. In the evenings I am a tea drinker. I saved the tin from a pack of tea I purchased from Starbucks, removed the label and added my own decor. This image is from Rubber Stamp Plantation straight from Hawaii.  Aloha! I'm happy with this because it's an attractive way to store all those little trinkets and crap that just end up on my desk, bedside table or lighters and such.

Simple project, quick and easy, and recycles and repurposes something that would otherwise go to waste. What do you think?  Cheers!

Lavender Flower Fairy by Stamps Happen, Inc.

Well, what can I say? Its been a solid two months since I've updated my blog with anything.
What a challenging two months it has been! I lost my job in June, so this and the major stress of finding another in a new country has meant that my crafting has taken a back seat to my needing to find full time eployment. This left me feeling stressed and not very creative, to say the least. However life has taught me, once again, that when faced with an obstacle, press on - don't give up! As a result, I'm happy to say that I have a solid job offer with the possibility of another late next week! So, I am happy to be back actively updating my blog and creating once again!
Prior to accepting my job offer I have taken a Nannying position, which relieved some stress while I looked for a job.  So I have slowly been creating some other projects as time permits.
Here is one such project. It features the Lavender Flower Fairy, Stamp #90021 by Stamps Happen, Inc. A friend found this…