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New in the Shop! {Moving SUCKS!}

Aloha again!

Gah. Still no stamping or binding in my life right now. I'm complaining to everyone who will listen -won't you lend me your ear?!? It’s very frustrating having to move! I’ve packed most of my creating things except for my markers, and all I want to do is sit down at my craft table and MAKE something! LOL So, I busied myself a few nights ago coloring this beautiful image I found online!

He reminds me of my boyfriend’s brother Adam.

I’ve added some pieces to the shop. This first gal is a birthday card and features a great little gal from Kraftin' Kimmie. Also featured on this sweet card is so awesome classic car paper that one of my best friends picked up at a book sale, of all places. (Lesson learned - check second-hand book stores and sales for craft supplies!!)

and I also added this seven piece birdy invitation set.

Each invitation is a little different - the papers alternate between stripes and dots, and there’s birds on every one and the inside invitation …

Stuff I Love

Hi All! Welcome!

I haven't been able to create much lately because I've been busy looking for apartments, cleaning out my garage and packing for a move. But I *have* been feeling really inspired by Tim Holtz lately. I put together a set of vintage findings and hardware that I love this week! I hope you likey! As always, click the image for a larger view.

Also, I've been busy order items to that when I get to my new place, I will have a stocked craft table ready for me to create with! :-D

This morning I was purusing around and came across Color Combos Galore. What a cute and inspirational site! BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to get started with them! Here's some of their latest inspirations.

Lately I've been toying with the idea of Glimmer Mists. What is your opinion on these items? Pricey - yes, they can be. But if they add to your craft and you USE them... What do we think ladies? I need your input! Have you ever used any? If so, which brands do you like the best and …

New in the Studio: Ordered Products!


Thanks for checking back! Today I am pretty stoked because my Vintage Par Avon Envelopes came in. It was pretty difficult for me to find these as the post office has discontinued them. I had to ordre them from HONG KONG! I'm stocking up on some mail rubber stamps to go with these, but I think they're just adorable. They'll add a vintage look to my cards and a little something extra, you know what I mean?

Have you ever used this type of envelope in your projects? I would love to see them if you have! Post a comment with a link below so I can check 'em out!!! :-D

I also recently finished my sister-in-law's birthday gift here Leave a comment and let me know what do you think!

Xo, Rachael

Stuff I Love: Milk Glass

Hola Chicas!
I don't know if you love vintage items as much as I do, but I can't get enough of them. Especially farm house style things, I love them! I'd like to have a little guest cottage that I can decorate with just vintage items! Nothing says farm house vintage to me more than lovely milk glass pitchers, plates, pedestals and glasswear. So with that, here's this week's addition of Stuff I Love!
As always, click the image for a magnified view.

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Xo, Rachael

New in my Shop

I'm so happy to report that I've received my Bind-it-All!
I was so thrilled I *actually* squeeled! ;-) I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I am LOVING my Zutter Distrezz-it-All, so I can't wait to use these items together!

There are some new cards in my shop this week!

From Paris with Love is a lovely layered piece that's vintage themed. Don't you just adore it?!

I have a new buckle card available, very similar in apperance of another buckle card in my shop, but slightly different.

And lastsly I have a new Go Ask Alice card set!

Check out these items and more at my shop here.

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Xo, Rachael

New Items and Fun Textiles

Welcome Back Everyone!

I'm so excited to be updating you after a week of pretty much no available time to blog!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. It was sunny and beautiful here in Seattle over this last weekend and I found myself REALLY enjoying it! It's so easy to get down and depressed as the winter months drag on, but summers in Seattle are quite beautiful in, not only Seattle, but the Northwest as a whole. It's the only saving grace in the long rainy months that we have. So I've been dead set on enjoying every minute of it!! (I'm even a little burned!)

I'm proud to announce that a new line has hit the store - my Buckle Cards! You can't find anything like them anywhere else on the internet, and while there's only two available in my shop right now, rest assured that more are on their way!! Totally and completely unique! They're even a little interactive! ;-)

I'm thrilled because I've made some purchases lately that are really ope…