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Artists Collective: #4 - Robert Norman Ross

One of my earliest memories during my childhood was watching Bob Ross as a family with my parents and brother in the evenings on PBS. Bob's calm voice seemed to put me into a trance and with just a few simple strokes, Bob had created a beautiful pieces of work that now are highly valued and sought after by collectors around the world. Bob Ross is probably one of the most influential creators in myartists collective and I still find myself just as entranced and captivated by Bob's creations on the canvas today as I was when I was growing up. Its not hard to see why The Joy of Painting has had such an enduring impact on society. (It still plays on PBS and there are millions of videos on youtube!) Bob Ross is even widely considered the grandfather of ASMR! (Do you get the tingles? Find my favorite ASMR youtubers HERE and HERE.)

One thing I found out while writing this article was that Bob Ross was once compared to Fred Rogers, which in and of itself should be considered a great d…