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The Creative Habit

I’m currently reading the book “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp. In this book she has provided a list of questions to get you thinking about your art, whether it be dance, writing, papercrafts, what have you. These questions got me thinking about my own craft, so I thought that you would appreciate the list of questions as they may serve to grease the wheels of your own creation. Answer quickly and honestly. Don’t spend too much time on one question.  I have provided my answers. :)
Q:  What is the first creative moment you remember? A:  I remember being in kindergarten and creating a Power Cookie for my Dad.  He still has it!
Q:  Was anyone there to witness or appreciate it? A:  Yes, the other children.
Q:  What is the best idea you’ve ever had? A:  Deciding to leave my job and go to work for an art store.
Q:  What made it great in your mind? A:  It was great because it spurred my love of paper and rubber stamping.
Q:  What is the dumbest idea? A:  Taking “art” in high school.
Q: …

A Little Trick for Correspondence

When I was little and I would go spend the day with my grandma, I remember getting into her filing cabinet. She kept scratch paper for me to draw on, but she also had a well-stocked box of greeting cards in that cabinet and her desk. All sorts, with beautiful pictures of flowers on a table, pictures of paintings and picturesque sunset.  So when she gave me the gift of beautiful pink stationary with a matching pen one year for Christmas, I fell in love with correspondence.
Carrying on Her Tradition Today, I carry on her tradition (obviously - I design and create cards!) and always keep one of those plastic folding files in my desk. My folder has tabs with pockets on the inside and I’ve labeled each tab with the type of greeting card that pocket contains: Thinking of You, Love, Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, Sympathy, etc. I fill those pockets with all of my different style of greeting cards.
A Little Trick A great little trick to save time (and constantly running to the store, and pos…