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Hello and thanks for popping in again. I picked up my mother from the airport this evening. It was good to see her, I have not seen her in a very long time. She did not recognize me! I am happy to see her, but today has been a very hard day emotionally. I am no longer nannying, thank God, and so that stress has been taken off my shoulders at least. I have packed up most of my belongings, but I believe that we will be repacking the items as we are going to ship my clothes back in order to have less items in the car. I am not looking forward to leaving the city. I spoke with my mother about my frustration in finding legal work here. She understands and supports me, as any good mother would. I have a new plan to keep on keeping on - just because Saskatoon has not worked out, there may be more opportunity in another Canadian city like Calgary or Edmonton or Winnipeg. I made it very clear to her that Canada is where I want to be, for more than one reason. I will not give up, but at least …

A Life Updated

Today's post is about life. I subscribe to a newsletter from a gal in Vancouver who runs Make It University, Jenna Herbut. She has recently shared some very personal things via newsletter and that inspired me to do the same.

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you probably are aware that back in December I made the move to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada for work that I had lined up. I adore the city and I have made a lot of friends and met some wonderful people here. But the job did not pan out in June of this year and I have been looking for work in Saskatoon since. I have been nannying since then to make ends meet, going on endless interview after interview; rejection after rejection. (For someone who is used to being able to walk into an interview and be offered a job, this has been quite humbling!)

Compounding this stress are several factors:

1) I am a qualified as a skilled worker, which is usually a good thing because my career requires experience or higher education.  I h…