Hello and thanks for popping in again.
I picked up my mother from the airport this evening. It was good to see her, I have not seen her in a very long time. She did not recognize me! I am happy to see her, but today has been a very hard day emotionally.
I am no longer nannying, thank God, and so that stress has been taken off my shoulders at least. I have packed up most of my belongings, but I believe that we will be repacking the items as we are going to ship my clothes back in order to have less items in the car. I am not looking forward to leaving the city.
I spoke with my mother about my frustration in finding legal work here. She understands and supports me, as any good mother would. I have a new plan to keep on keeping on - just because Saskatoon has not worked out, there may be more opportunity in another Canadian city like Calgary or Edmonton or Winnipeg. I made it very clear to her that Canada is where I want to be, for more than one reason.
I will not give up, but at least returning to Seattle will let me rest and refocus.


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