Monday, June 27, 2011

Watch this Candy Grow!

Hi All,
Well, I've taken some pictures of the beginning of some new candy. These will be given away in the months to come.
1 Container of Barbara Trombley's Angel Dust Art Glitter

1 Packet of holographic glitter

1 Fiskars Ribbon Threader Punch

and 1 Stamp Pad.

Remember! There's more to come so stay tuned and check back later to watch the candy grow!
Xo, Rachael

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is it Friday Yet? Nope.

Hey there my crafty friends!

I hope you are all doing well! This week is *kind* of a big deal! My boyfriend will be in town (flying in on Friday) for my brother's rehearsal and wedding this weekend. I haven't seen Andrew in a month! So, I am super excited, if you can't already tell by the title of this post. ;-) I've got the whole week he'll be here planned out and I'm. Just. Stoked! However, between entertaining Andrew, working my full-time job and the wedding, the rest of this week and all of next doesn't leave very much time for crafty goodness. So I've been getting it out of my system now, instead of later!
This week I've finished one scrapbook layout that was giving me some trouble, added the picture to another (still needs work) and made a wall-hanging. I think it's for Andrew's mom,  cuz every time I look at it I think of her! What do you think? I'll be sure to post the scrapbook phots of the layouts here, but I want Andrew to see it first, so ya'll will just have to keep your knickers out of a twist! ;) (Difficult, I know.)

In other news, I haven't told anyone really yet, but I'm formulating a business plan for my own scrapbook shop. I'm excited because it's actually begining to take shape! I have to do a little more demographics research and make some charts, but over all it's coming together quite nicely, Then comes shopping for a location and ... dun, dun, duuuuuun!!!! Applying for a loan. Yikes. (MORE than a little intimidated by that!)
Do any of you work at a craft store or run shop of your own? I'd LOVE some advice or a lovely thoughtful comment below! What's your experience in the craft industry?

That's it for now,

Xo, Rachael

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Award; Tickets; and Candy

Welcome Back!

I'm proud to share a blogging award given to me by Rexann over at ibecircled.  Thanks so much Rexann! Go visit her blog and tell her Rachael sent you! ;-)

In other news, I've purchased my ticket to the Puyallup Scrapbooking Expo!! I'm really really excited about this - it looks like so much fun! I've even picked out some classes to attend while at the expo. Companies I've never even heard of before are going to be there! I'm planning on taking my camcorder, so you'll be able to "attend" as well - right here! The Expo is on July 16th, so check back here for the event and my haul review! EEEEEiiii!! :-D (I'm REALLY looking forward to the haul!)

I'm gathering blog candy at the moment. A photo will be posted soon, and then you can watch the candy grow! So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Xo, Rachael

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some happy, if not belated, news!

I was surfing the net the other day and I was shocked and awed (and rather impressed with myself) that someone out there in blogger land had done a review on my shop, back when I was still producing jewelry. (I don't anymore, in case you were wondering). The review is still great however, and I'm totally pleased with it, so please check it out here.

In other news, don't forget to "like" my facebook page! I offer special goodies for my fans!

Xo, Rachael

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In My Studio

Whew! Is it Wednesday already?! (A day of the week which I can never spell, thank you very much!) It seems like this week has flown by so fast! Last night I cleaned off the craft table and made a few simple cards.

I love the way this cute little 'Welcome Home' housewarming card turned out!!

I adore this wonderful and simple sewing card. Maybe I will add a sewing machine to it?

And here's a simple lamp card. A little too simple for my personal taste, but maybe I will work on it some more before I add it to the shop. Sometimes I do that to cards that I think are finished, which really aren't. I had some trouble with this card. Does it show?

That's all for today. Don't forget! More blog candy will be coming out soon. Be sure to fan my Facebook page (top of this page, upper right hand corner) to have a chance to win.

Xo, Rachael

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stuff I Love: Tiki Time!

This is great. If you really know me, you know that I'm a huge fan of the the vintage lifestyle. Fascinators, vintages dresses, shoes, purses, the whole shebang! (And we musn't forget the fabulous hair!) So I bring you Stuff I love: Tiki Time with a huge grin on my face!

Enjoy your tiki time! :)

Xo, Rachael

Monday, June 13, 2011

New in my Shop

Hi All.

Wow. So I have added more items to my shop today than I intended! Usually I only like to add maybe one or two, but I've been creating so many cards lately I guess I went into a little listing frenzy!

Emily sent me this sweet image of Sheree from InStyle stamps. At first I didn't know what to do with her, but then I sat down and looked through papers, which is my all-time favorite activitiy. I get so inspired! So below is what came of it!

I added this darling little tub birthday card to my shop today. Actually, it can be used pretty much for almost any occasion. It's blank so you can use it for a 'relax' gift card holder, a birthday sentiment, or mother's day. Or even for your best girlfriend!

I also decided to add this VAVOOM birthday card to my shop! I was really excited to use my new image from Kraftin' Kimmie - she hadn't even touched ink before I made this card. (That's always exciting!) Isn't she cute?! I love the way this birthday card turned out. :P

Lets see...What else did I add? Oh yeah! Emily's challenge card, remember? Wild Thang? Here it is again!

I think that's it! All of these birthday cards can be found in my shop, so don't forget to check them and my other designs out! I've got creations for many events. Also, when you check out, use you're code 'blogger' for your 10% off!

Xo, Rachael

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New In my Studio

Well, I was finally able to sit down and work on a few things today! I've got this sweet little card would make a great Mom card, or a nice way to say just 'enjoy your day'. I really love how it turned out. It's simple but colorful. What do YOU think?

Emily Wilson (Ms June at Bombshell Stamps) sent me the image to play with. Isn't it cute? It's Sheree of InStyle Stamps. I've got Kraftin' Kimmie's Bridget (which is another bathtub image) to play with as well.

Also, I finally got my Kraftin' Kimmie sets I placed an order for and I started on a new card.

Also, this is the first time I've had a chance to use Richie from this '50's collection as well. I'm excited to see how this card will turn out! Thoughts?

Xo, Rachael

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ms June's Wild Thang!

Hello All!

If you didn't know, I am Ms April over at Bombshell Stamps and my good friend Emily is Ms June! Her challenge was to use animal print. So here's my card - tell me what you think! What do you like about this card? (Personally, I just love the animal print paper paired with the fusia!)

In other news, I'll be hosting another Blog Candy contest as soon as I reach 300 followers on my FACEBOOK page. I'm excited for this, and you should be too! It will be a large giveaway, just like my last. So what are you waiting for? Get on over there and show some love! The more love, the better the candy! :D

That's all for today,
Thanks for stopping by,
Xo, Rachael

Monday, June 6, 2011

Saskatoon Mini Haul

Sustitute Winner for Blog Candy!

So, Henriëtte was the original blog candy winner and I have Henriëtte three days in which to contact me. Which Henriëtte did not. Therefore, the prize goes to Rexann. Congrats Rexann! Contact me within three days to claim your prize.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Scrapbook Pad - Shoreline

Hi Everybody,

Yesterday I came across a new scrapbook store in my area. I’ve been needing to update my paper collection, so I stopped by and checked it out. It’s located in Shoreline and called Scrapbook Pad.

When I walked in I was greeted and shocked at the size of the store. It’s quite large and roomy, with a good amount of space in the back used for classes. They’ve even got a fridge/mini kitchen in the back. They offer classes.

Anyways, it’s not an art store, it’s a dedicated scrapbooking store. I was disappointed that they don’t carry many stamps because stamping/cardmaking is my real passion. They do carry a few, but selection of stamps is limited to small clear cling stamps.

There’s a HUGE amount of lovely papers, however, ranging in size, colors and patterns. The sale selection was great, and I even found some templates to add bling to my pages. They carry monthly page kits and monthly card kits, which, at the time, were on sale. So of course I bought one! ;) See video here to view my complete haul.

I wasn’t, however, impressed with the customer service. The gal at the front desk was nice enough, accept she was on the phone in personal conversations the entire time I was in the store (easily an hour). And I needed glue and pop dots. Looking at the prices, I quickly put them back. $5.00 for pop dots, I couldn’t believe it! Aren’t they usually like $2-$3? I did buy some mono roll-on glue, which was just as over-priced, but I was there and needed it, so...whatcha gonna do?

I picked up some papers from Bazzil (never used) and Kaiser Crafts, which I've used but I'm totally excited about.

So overall I rate this store a B+. Good selection of papers, but downgraded for personal phone calls and lack of stamps. :( Overall quite good however!

That's it for today! Don’t forget to follow this blog! :)


Xo, Rachael

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And the winner is...

Welcome Back my Lovelies!
Today's the exciting announcement of the winner for my blog candy! The winner is: Henriëtte! Henriëtte you have three days from now to collect your candy by contact me with your mailing information! If you do not do so in three days from now, blog candy may be subject to give-away by my choosing.
Xo, Rachael

Blog Candy Contest - CLOSED

Hi All,

- If you're here for the Bombshell Blog Hop, click HERE -

I'm having a blog candy contest. Originally I was going to have it when I hit 150 followers on my FB, but I'm changing the rules a little bit. Follow this blog to win! See below for details on requirements.

Prize includes:
Loads of printed papers (holiday included)
Wood mounted "couples" rubber stamp
Krafty Stamper unmounted rubber stamp
two packs of hawaiian slippa embelishmentsts
three fruit-themed clear acrylic mounting stamps
1 Fourth of July clear acrylic mounting stamp
an acrylic blog for stamping
a pair of pink beaded earrings
a pale blue rose ring on an adjustable base
Sassafrass Lass fruit felties
Auntie's Hawaiian Stickers Hawaiian slippas round stickers
Auntie's Hawaiian Stickers Hawiian theme round stickers
Love round stickers
Double-sided mounting foam
Tickled Pink Lolita unmounted stamp
V15 Mallow Copic Sketch Marker
V12 Pale Lilac Copic Sketch Marker
2 crysanthenmum pink hair pins
1 yellow and 1 pink pair pins
1 Flower Button wood mounted stamp
1 Halloween witch clear acrylic mounting stamp
1 Round Scalop hand punch
1 paw punch - dog or cat
1 unused Color Box black stamp pad;
1 pack of blue and brown owl tags;
1 Magnolia Tilda Halloween/thanksgiving little girl holding pumpkin lantern;
a five pack of cards from my shop;
and a "apple" stamp.

The contest ends on May 31st, 2011. The winner will be selected on June 1st, 2011

Wanna win?
  1. Sign up to follow my blog under my Followers list.
  2. Post my blog candy picture with a link to this post in the sidebar of your blog.
  3. Add your name to the Inlinkz list at the bottom of this post.

Xo, Rachael

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