Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Scrapbook Pad - Shoreline

Hi Everybody,

Yesterday I came across a new scrapbook store in my area. I’ve been needing to update my paper collection, so I stopped by and checked it out. It’s located in Shoreline and called Scrapbook Pad.

When I walked in I was greeted and shocked at the size of the store. It’s quite large and roomy, with a good amount of space in the back used for classes. They’ve even got a fridge/mini kitchen in the back. They offer classes.

Anyways, it’s not an art store, it’s a dedicated scrapbooking store. I was disappointed that they don’t carry many stamps because stamping/cardmaking is my real passion. They do carry a few, but selection of stamps is limited to small clear cling stamps.

There’s a HUGE amount of lovely papers, however, ranging in size, colors and patterns. The sale selection was great, and I even found some templates to add bling to my pages. They carry monthly page kits and monthly card kits, which, at the time, were on sale. So of course I bought one! ;) See video here to view my complete haul.

I wasn’t, however, impressed with the customer service. The gal at the front desk was nice enough, accept she was on the phone in personal conversations the entire time I was in the store (easily an hour). And I needed glue and pop dots. Looking at the prices, I quickly put them back. $5.00 for pop dots, I couldn’t believe it! Aren’t they usually like $2-$3? I did buy some mono roll-on glue, which was just as over-priced, but I was there and needed it, so...whatcha gonna do?

I picked up some papers from Bazzil (never used) and Kaiser Crafts, which I've used but I'm totally excited about.

So overall I rate this store a B+. Good selection of papers, but downgraded for personal phone calls and lack of stamps. :( Overall quite good however!

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Xo, Rachael


  1. Hi Rachael!
    How are you this sunny Loveley day!! Not sure if you know, but we are in the same area...I live in Bremerton. I was just stopping by to say hi and hope that you have a wonderful week end! I work in the retail business and it is so common to have many customer's that will do that And it is very rude to me!! I never get over to seattle very much to check out different scrapbooking stores..That is probably a good thing, Because I already work in a craft store and spend alot of money already!! LOL... Have a nice day!!
    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com

  2. Oh that frustrates me when a cashier does that! Obviously they don't give a crap about the store, because if they did they would know how bad that looks to the customers. Pop dots in my area are 4.99 everywhere! But I live in the midwest, don't know if that makes a difference or not. There were 2 scrapbooking stores in my city that both went out of business last year.. So disheartening (don't know if I spelled that right!) because scrapbooking/cardmaking is so many people's passion, and we all want to help support our local businesses.. It's just not enough in this economy. Well, have a good day :)

  3. Renee, I know, right? Pop dots were $5 too, as well as the the TOMBO! Couldn't believe it! It really IS sad that two stores went out of business! I am hoping to start my own, eventually, what do you think? Let me know if you ever come to Seattle, we should totally scrap it together!!! :) Cheers!


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