Monday, June 13, 2011

New in my Shop

Hi All.

Wow. So I have added more items to my shop today than I intended! Usually I only like to add maybe one or two, but I've been creating so many cards lately I guess I went into a little listing frenzy!

Emily sent me this sweet image of Sheree from InStyle stamps. At first I didn't know what to do with her, but then I sat down and looked through papers, which is my all-time favorite activitiy. I get so inspired! So below is what came of it!

I added this darling little tub birthday card to my shop today. Actually, it can be used pretty much for almost any occasion. It's blank so you can use it for a 'relax' gift card holder, a birthday sentiment, or mother's day. Or even for your best girlfriend!

I also decided to add this VAVOOM birthday card to my shop! I was really excited to use my new image from Kraftin' Kimmie - she hadn't even touched ink before I made this card. (That's always exciting!) Isn't she cute?! I love the way this birthday card turned out. :P

Lets see...What else did I add? Oh yeah! Emily's challenge card, remember? Wild Thang? Here it is again!

I think that's it! All of these birthday cards can be found in my shop, so don't forget to check them and my other designs out! I've got creations for many events. Also, when you check out, use you're code 'blogger' for your 10% off!

Xo, Rachael

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