Some happy, if not belated, news!

I was surfing the net the other day and I was shocked and awed (and rather impressed with myself) that someone out there in blogger land had done a review on my shop, back when I was still producing jewelry. (I don't anymore, in case you were wondering). The review is still great however, and I'm totally pleased with it, so please check it out here.

In other news, don't forget to "like" my facebook page! I offer special goodies for my fans!

Xo, Rachael


  1. Hey Rachael!
    What a Great review, maybe you should go back to making the rings...I would buy some :)


  2. Hi Rachael! I received my package today and wanted to tell you that you Rock!! I am so happy with everything and love all the paper, do you know the company's name foe the 8 1/2x11 paper It is super pretty!! Thanks again and hope to see you soon..BTW...I have added more candy to my blog!! Yeppieeeee!!!

  3. Hi again!
    LOL...I am a busy Commentor on your post... :)
    I was stopping by to let you know That I have A sweet Award for you over on my blog!!
    Have a Great Week Rachael!!



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