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Current Projects

Hi All.

My current projects have included working with Smeared Ink images on tags. For this set of tags I'm going to be using the Chicks Dig Guns set.

I wanted to give a Tim Holtz technique a whirl, but I didn't have any of his distress inks in the droppers, and the only distress inks I have in the pads are the "old photo" and "walnut stain" - not any of the bright pretty colors.  So I decided to use my colorbox stamp pads instead. Also, instead of Tim's waterproof work mat that he puts ink on, I substituted wax paper. I got out my squirt bottle and layed my color down on the wax paper, then squirted it down with water a bit. The colors became runny and I plopped the tag I was going to work with down into the color. Afterwards, I dried it with my hair drier and did the process again. 
I even crumpled some newspaper up and dabbed it in my ink and then onto my tag for more of a stippling effect. 
The colors came out muted! Kind of like a water color pain…

New Rubber Stamps and Scrapbook Layouts

Hiya Bloggers!

I've got some new rubber stamps and layouts to share with you today.

It may not be Christmas time, but you can always make Christmas cards year-round! So I've got some great Christmas bundles for you!

This is the Westwater Enterprises Patchwork Santa.

This Santa offers ample room for you to color in your stamp with either colored pencils or markers. It's in fair condition and pre-owned and loved.

In keeping with the Christmas theme, I also have this three-pack of rubber stamps are holiday themed and have all been pre-owned and loved.

They are all in better-than-good condition.

Made by Stampendous in 2002 and one of the small ones is made by a company that I can't read, but created in 1993.

I also found this way cute cat image with three little mice. I think it may be from House Mouse.
It's a large background-type stamp and will be excellent for coloring. You can double this up to use it during the holiday season. The pines would be green and you can a…

New Cards in the Shop

Welcome Back!

I'm glad you could take the time to join me today! I've got a lot going on in the studio, but this post specifically deals with some new cards I have available in my shop.

New to the shop is my new Rise and Shine card, which features Bombshell Stamps images.
This card won February's Prize Patrol, awarded by my friend and mentor, Cheryl Valadez! I love this card and I'm so happy that my friends at Bombshell Stamps love it as much as I do (Hi Ladies! lol)!  It's available in my shop.

Since May is not that far off, I've started working on some Mother's Day cards.  Thank you cards seemed appropriate, since if it wasn't for Mom willing to have you, you wouldn't be here, right?

I love this card because it's so different then my usual style. It's nice to break out of the regular pattern of creating!

Below: Here's a Mother's Day card that simply reads "Happy Mother's Day" on the inside and has a hand drawn rose unde…

Hey, That's my Card!...Bombshell Stamps Blog: February's Prize Patrol Winner!

Check it out! My card won over at Bombshells! SUH-weet!!!

Bombshell Stamps Blog: February's Prize Patrol Winner!: Hola, lovely Bombshells! Cheryl here to award this month's Prize Patrol Winner ! Each month I scour the Internet and popular paper craftin...

Fresh Additions in the Shop!

Hello to Everyone in Bloggerland!

I’ve got loads of new items to share with you, so let’s just get to it!

 This little snowman is perfect for the holidays or a wintery greeting. It's a PSX image and is not expected to be available for long. More photos are soon to follow. This item is available in the shop.
This 50's rocket has just been added as well. The vintage styling is similar to another item in the shop called the 50's Space Cruiser, so if you like this stamp then you should look into getting both items - they're both vintage stamps and gently pre-owned and loved. Plus, I offer discounted shipping when you buy more than one item. 
Here's a large statement pre-owned rubber stamp of a mouse writing some correspondence. It's in very good condition. Color this little guy with colored pencils or copics and see this image jump off the page!
Add some style and interest with this handle stamp. Nobody ever forgets who has the best cooking. Mom of course! :)

There ar…