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Hi All.

My current projects have included working with Smeared Ink images on tags. For this set of tags I'm going to be using the Chicks Dig Guns set.

I wanted to give a Tim Holtz technique a whirl, but I didn't have any of his distress inks in the droppers, and the only distress inks I have in the pads are the "old photo" and "walnut stain" - not any of the bright pretty colors.  So I decided to use my colorbox stamp pads instead. Also, instead of Tim's waterproof work mat that he puts ink on, I substituted wax paper. I got out my squirt bottle and layed my color down on the wax paper, then squirted it down with water a bit. The colors became runny and I plopped the tag I was going to work with down into the color. Afterwards, I dried it with my hair drier and did the process again. 
I even crumpled some newspaper up and dabbed it in my ink and then onto my tag for more of a stippling effect. 
The colors came out muted! Kind of like a water color painting!
I stamped my image and inked the edges.
I thought about just leaving it as it was here to show the color, but...I couldn't help myself and had to add more.
I masked the girl and stamped over and around her.

Then added glitter and a bit of color and some ribbon to match.

Here are pictures for the second tag.
This photo shows the masking technique that I used for both of these tags.
And here is the tag finished.
I still have yet to finish this second tag. I'm going to add color and distress the edges and add ribbon.
And here they are together! The third tag will be finished shortly, and I'll be sure to update it in my blog right here so you all can see how they turned out. :-)

What do you think? Show some love and leave a comment! ;)
Xo, Rachael


  1. Very beautiful tags! Love your stamping so much! Also I love the gun's theme a lot! This looks so stylish!!! Great using of masks!!!! Your technique of colouring of the background is great too))) Not only Tim has nice ideas! ))))))))))


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