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Sewing a Vintage-Style Apron

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know that I have a passion for anything pinup or vintage. I want to share that passion with you, so I'm expanding this blog from just papercrafts to my other creative endeavors as well such as sewing and vintage hunting/finding.

Check out this adorable vintage-style apron I created the other week! I found the vintage pattern and cute fabric at Hobby Lobby.

This is my second attempt at sewing an apron. The first one, which was about two years ago, I did not use a pattern and was a total disaster as a result (: Useful tip: use a pattern! :)  I'm so happy with how this little gem turned out. Now I can bake a cake without getting myself covered in flour and cake batter!
I plan to sew the other aprons from this pattern set when I return from Hawaii. They are the full vintage apron style, and now that I have this apron under my belt, I'm confident that I can sew them! Super fun, super easy! Got to go fabric shopping! :)
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New and Noteworthy News!

Hello All and Welcome Back! Have you heard? One of my favorite stores EVER, Collage (in Portland), has signed a new lease and is opening a new store!  They just signed a lease for SE Division Street and will be opening this summer. I'm so excited for these gals! What great news! I'll be zipping down to Portland to check out the new store just as soon as they open! Wahoo! Can't wait to see what they do with the store! Check out their blog here for more news from this great company. Cheers!