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New Booth and Pre-Holiday Winter Show Application!

Hi All and Good Morning!

Last night I was fortunate enough to get home and shoot a few photographs of my products for my Etsy store  before the sun went down. I am quite happy with how the pictures have turned out and I feel happy that my store is begining to show progress after the slow summer sales. Chec out my flickr to the right to peak at those images.
I also have big news! In addition to hosting a booth once a month at Cocoa & Cream in Magnolia, Washington, I will be hosting second booth across the street at Vixen Day Spa and Boutique as well! The main focus here will be a better fit, I feel. More focus on the cards.

Also, I applied to Etsy's Pre-Holiday Winter Show listed for October! I will find out in September if I made the cut or not. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me! :)

Talk to you soon!

Stamp Night!

Hi All!
I hope your weekend was great! Mine was pretty good. Friday I met up with a crafting group for the first time. It was as Stampin' Up! group and I had never met any of these ladies before, accept the girl in the plaid pants is my friend Breeana. :-)

And here are the cards we made!

Recent Cards

Hey All!
Below are two cards I have worked on recently. Simple and sweet :-) (*New camera!*)

Wrap up from SummerFest

Hi All,
Ok, overall this show was a challenge. On the plus side, it was relatively inexpensive, it was close and in my area, there was a relatively alright turn out, and there was live music.

On the negative side, it was poorly organized, it was poorly organized and it was poorly organized!! It took place on Friday/Saturday instead of either all Friday/Saturday/Sunday or just Saturday/Sunday; it had little to no turn-out on Friday (everyone was working); it was cool, overcast weather; I only had one sale on Friday; we were placed next to the irritating child's performers (one guy with a million whistles - joy!), and the kids - of course - were running amuck.

Saturday, however, was somewhat better as far as sales went. I made 6-7 sales and made back my booth fee, however no profit. And it was raining. All. Day. Long.

Magnolia SummerFest was O.K., but I have strong reservations about doing that particular fair again because of the lack of organization. I guess it's just the pic…

New Cameras and Simple Projects

Hi Again!

Well, I did it. I finally replaced my old jammed up semi-pro with a brand spakin' new Nikon pro. YAY! Hooray for gorgeous photos! Now the pictures my cards (of which I have yet to make) will portray the true awsomeness as seen in person. lol, right?;) Therefore, stay tuned for some stellar photos! :D Also can be viewed here.

I have a project I'm in the middle of, actually. I'm making a small handbag as just a simple sewing project. I'm about 3/4's of the way done, but I lost steam and need to bust out the rest. I should take out my craft table again and set up my sewing machine and just GET IT DONE!
It's been so damn hot here in Seattle like the last two weeks. On top of not feeling very creative, it's been difficult to want to do anything but sit in front of the fan and drink a cold beer. HA!

Stay cool, all!

Orders Orders Orders

Hi All!

Please forgive my absence the past few weeks. I haven't been being very crafty at ALL. In fact, I folded up my craft table and put all my craft items away - can you believe it? Sometimes you just need a break! But now that I've placed some orders for some great new crafting items such as copic markers and stamps to add variety and choice to my collection. I'm sure I'll be crafting again soon! :-)

Surprisingly enough, is a great place to find low-cost copic markers...

The last couple of days I have been more inspired to whip up my October/November cards and to get a jump-start on my holiday cards this season! I know that if I don't do them early they won't get done! Not to mention staying ahead of the game for my shop.

Anyways, I'll do a review of the packages as I receive them and let you know what I get. AND, as a special bonus, it'll be on VIDEO! Woot! :-)