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Hi All!

Please forgive my absence the past few weeks. I haven't been being very crafty at ALL. In fact, I folded up my craft table and put all my craft items away - can you believe it? Sometimes you just need a break! But now that I've placed some orders for some great new crafting items such as copic markers and stamps to add variety and choice to my collection. I'm sure I'll be crafting again soon! :-)

Surprisingly enough, Amazon.com is a great place to find low-cost copic markers...

The last couple of days I have been more inspired to whip up my October/November cards and to get a jump-start on my holiday cards this season! I know that if I don't do them early they won't get done! Not to mention staying ahead of the game for my shop.

Anyways, I'll do a review of the packages as I receive them and let you know what I get. AND, as a special bonus, it'll be on VIDEO! Woot! :-)


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