Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wrap up from SummerFest

Hi All,
Ok, overall this show was a challenge. On the plus side, it was relatively inexpensive, it was close and in my area, there was a relatively alright turn out, and there was live music.

On the negative side, it was poorly organized, it was poorly organized and it was poorly organized!! It took place on Friday/Saturday instead of either all Friday/Saturday/Sunday or just Saturday/Sunday; it had little to no turn-out on Friday (everyone was working); it was cool, overcast weather; I only had one sale on Friday; we were placed next to the irritating child's performers (one guy with a million whistles - joy!), and the kids - of course - were running amuck.

Saturday, however, was somewhat better as far as sales went. I made 6-7 sales and made back my booth fee, however no profit. And it was raining. All. Day. Long.

Magnolia SummerFest was O.K., but I have strong reservations about doing that particular fair again because of the lack of organization. I guess it's just the pick of the draw because last year this particular fair was booming! It was bright and hot and there was a lot going on. I guess I just feel let down by this experience. The important thing is as business owners is that we keep our heads up through the tough parts, right?

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