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Interview with a Seller: Teri, of Terbear Collectibles


Rachael here with another great interview! I've been a fan of Terbear Collectibles for a little over a year or so. Her products are unique and wonderful, so I thought I'd interview her.

Terbear has even granted my readers a discount code for 10% off your purchase! Just use:
"rachael" as the code.
1. What's your name and shop name and what do you do?
My Name is Teri, but feel free to call me Terbear, everyone does. My shop name is Terbear Collectibles, and the ULR  is, terbear was already taken when I registered on Etsy. I am the top seller of custom made rubber stamps, as well as non custom rubber stamps on Etsy, according to

2. Where are you located? I am located in Sunny California

3. What's the favorite part of your craft? I love how my customers enjoy seeing their name or store name on a rubber stamp.

4. How long have you been crafting? I have been at this …

New in my Studio

Hi All!
Welcome back! It seems like the time just flies by. In my studio I'm currently working on a custom order of my new wedding card, which has already been purchased. I hope to get this out in the mail to my customer tomorrow.
Here's what I've got going on so far. The only thing I changed on this custom order was the color of the lady's eye shadow.
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Stuff I Love: In my Garden

Spring is upon us! As such I thought it was quite appropriate to post about the outdoors! So I hope you enjoy this fun Stuff I Love edition as much as I do! ;0)

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Thanks and Cheers!
Xo, Rachael

Monday New in my Shop


I hope you had a GREAT weekend and are reading this and excited for the week to come. I also hope that you remember to follow this blog! ;=)

In the upcoming weeks I've got some great things to inspire you. For example, I like to use recycled items in my cards, things that would otherwise be trash or not really have a use or purpose and would just go to waste. What kinds of things are your favorite to use in cards? What about art in general?

I'm Ms. April over at Bombshell Stamps, which means I'm a Guest Designer. My work is featured and highlighted, and I get to present a challenge! I haven't been a part of a design team before, so it's pretty exciting!!...I've got my bombshells out and revved up for some stampin'!

And I should say, also, that I recently came upon a new Seattle band that I think you should listen to when you have a chance. They're called 'The Cave Singers' and they're really relaxed and chill music. The album I was li…

You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round! Spinner Card!


Today’s post is a Spinner Card tutorial! YAY! I haven’t done a tutorial in almost a year, so I figured it was about time. :)

Stuff you will need: pop dots or other dimensionals - round if you have them. (If not you will have to round them off with scissors.) two pennies roll-on glue Stampin’ up Word Window Punch (long skinny) or xact-o knife scissors Stamps - 1 to feature and 1 as a spinner piece. (or a clip art image) patterned papers and or your favorite stamp set any other accouterments you would like.
1.  First you need to decide on the general layout of your card, what stamps you will be featuring and if this will be a horizontal or vertical type card. Decide where you want your spinner to be.
2.  Assemble the card the way you want it. Now it's time for the fun part!
3.  Take your Stampin' Up! Word Window Punch and a sheet of paper. This will be the slot for the spinning bit of the card. About a 1/2 inch in from the edge of the paper, punch the paper. Do the same from the other s…

Interview with a Seller: The Chartreuse Room

Hi Everyone!

I've got a great interview for you today! A lovely shop on Etsy, The Chartreuse Room has granted me an interview! :D Read on for more info!

1. What’s your name and shop name and what do you do?
My shop name is The Chartreuse Room and I create vintage inspired jewelry.

2. Where are you located? 
I live in Dixon, a small town in Northern California between San Francisco and Sacramento.

3. What’s the favorite part of your craft?
I love working with floral cabochons in all sizes and colors.

4. How long have you been crafting?
I have been creating jewelry for about five years now. I started making pieces for myself and before I knew it, friends were asking my to create pieces for them. I have been selling on Etsy since 2008.

5. What’s your favorite thing to make?
My signature rose cabochon and chunky pearl necklaces. They are unique, bold and feminine. 

6. What kind of camera do you use to shoot?
My little Kodak, nothing fancy. 

7. Who or what models your items?
I have considered using …

In My Studio

Hola Everyone!

I am proud to announce that I have been chosen to be Ms. April at Bombshell Stamps! WOOT!  Looking forward to this and I'm SO excited!!

In other news, the name of the game this week was coloring!
I'm always on the search for cute designs. I'm not sure how I saw this, but I came across it on flickr. I loved what craftydee did with Anya so I checked out The Greeting Farm to see what they have to offer. (I had seen their designs before but never really payed attention.) What cute designs! Not all of them are my personal crafting style, but they're stinkin' cute designs all the same!
So I purchased this little girl and she'll be on my next upcoming card. Perfect for winter going into spring! :)

Also working with this image to see what I can come up with:

I was also working with this flapper image from Crafts & Me, which is a new company I found.
I'm having a bit of trouble with the hair in this image. And the eyebrows bother me because they aren&#…

Stuff I Love: {Our Spare Bedroom}

Welcome to our home! Stay awhile and rest your bones. Please make yourself comfortable in our spare bedroom. You can see the garden from the window by the bed. We hope you like it!

New in my Shop

Hello my Lovelies!

Welcome back this Monday morning. I had a lot of fun this weekend making sweet paper treats.

It was my boyfriend's Mom's birthday on the 17th, so I made her this:

Also, made and listed this little lovely! What do you think?

And started on a new "congrats/happy engagement" card. Not quite finished.

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And thru the end of March all profits still going to PETA.

Xo, Rachael

News, Tips and Tricks

Hi All!
Well, my interviewee didn't get back to me in time for me to be able to post Thursday's interview, so I'm sorry but it's been skipped. ;)
Instead, today I'm just posting some news. Just a reminder that thru the end of March all profits go to PETA! Do some shopping, get a couple cute cards and support a great cause while you're at it! Woot! :D
That's it for today.
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Xo, Rachael

In my Studio


I'm so glad you could join me again today! There are a number of new additions to the shop I have to show you, but I wanted to remind you all that all sales profits this month go straight to PETA. Shop, get something cute and support a great cause today! :D

New in my studio today are a couple different items. The first one I have to show you is a pregnancy congratulations note card. Isn't she cute? I love how this turned out, and it's layered and detailed without being "too much".

I also made this sexy little bookmark! I love this image! Super simple, super cool. ;) Smile every time you mark your page!

This cute little chimney sweep is sure to bring you luck, in whatever you do! Great as a Good Luck/Encouragement card as well as a seasonal greeting.

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Stuff I Love: Pressed Flowers

Hi Everyone.
I'm a little behind in my blog posts this week. I've been so busy! So I thought I'd update today with Stuff I Love: Pressed Flowers.
When I was little I lived down the street from a girl I went to school with named Jill. Her mom made pressed flower bookmarks and I fell in love with the idea of preserving nature. So, here's my collection of nature.
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Special Announcement

Hi Everyone,

Animal abuse is rampant. We need to fight it and not just in our own neighborhoods, but in traveling circus acts (see this article) and foreign countries as well.  Therefore, all profits from now until the end of March will be donated to PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

My personal heartache is animals used in circuses, but I support PETA for ALL of their wonderful work. Please purchase a wonderful card to support a great cause. Make a difference in an animal's life. Be the change you want to see.

Two ways to help support:
1.  Shop for a cute card - all profits go to PETA thru the end of March!
2.  Support directly! PETA

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Xo, Rachael

New in my Shop - Prize photos and others!

E Komo Mai Nou ka hale. =)
A traditional Hawaiian greeting meaning "Come inside, the house is yours."

I just photographed the prizes for the 150 subscriber contest. Still just need a few more subscribers until this giveaway occurs! I used my iphone camera, so cut me a break! Ha ha. ;) If you'll please excuse the horrid lighting in my kitchen, below are the photos of the prize!

The prize includes everything you need to make loads of cards!!

Loads of printed papers (holiday included)
Wood mounted "couples" rubber stamp
Krafty Stamper unmounted rubber stamp
two packs of hawaiian slippa embelishmentsts
three fruit-themed clear acrylic mounting stamps
1 Fourth of July clear acrylic mounting stamp
an acrylic blog for stamping
a pair of pink beaded earrings
a pale blue rose ring on an adjustable base
Sassafrass Lass fruit felties
Auntie's Hawaiian Stickers Hawaiian slippas round stickers
Auntie's Hawaiian Stickers Hawiian theme round stickers
Love round sticke…

News, Tips and Tricks

Welcome Back!

Only three more subscribers until the big giveaway! Prize includes a kit for making handmade cards, two hair clips, some jewelry, and a pack of cards from my shop. "Like" my fb page (the link is to the right) and subscribe to my blog to enter yourself into the drawing. (pictures coming soon.)

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Interview with a Seller: SchickiMickis

Hi Everyone!

Today's post is an interview with a shop and owner that I aboslutely ADORE. Her designs are riveting, edgy and new, and completely unique.  Read on!

1. What’s your name and shop name and what do you do?

My name is Anat, and I run SchickiMickis.

SchickiMicki is a German expression for the term trendy,

and widely used as the german evil twin of “fancy-schmancy”.

2. Where are you located?

Nowadays I am located in Tel Aviv Israel, though when I opened my Etsy shop I was living in Berlin Germany, hence the German name.

3. What’s the favorite part of your craft?

difficult question... I think I have to say the very first, getting a new idea and starting to draw along side with the last one, just making an item, I find the craft to be relaxing :)

4. How long have you been crafting?

I started as a child to draw and paint, was always drawn to the creative side. but really hands on crafting I started in Milano, where i studied jewelry and accessories design.

5. What’s your …

In My Studio

Today I want to share with you a lovely little monotone card I made using a new stamp and flowers.

I'm also designing a garden card and have started putting together some papers and stamp combos for that.

Here is another project, which is looking good so far, but still needs a lot more work.  The dragon is from the same set as the knight card.

I've also made a custom envelope for my sorry so grumpy card.  Just add a sticker to close the envelope. *Mailing a square envelope is an additional cost. If mailing this envelope, you will have to add glue along the flap. Otherwise, you may just tuck it inside the envelope.  This envelope fits the mailing standards, but you may consider mailing in a larger envelope as the envelope itself is part of the keepsake. Due to the layered nature of this piece, when sending to your recipient, protect the layers by mailing layered side facing in - inside the envelope.  This way the layers won't catch.  :-)

That's all for today! Don&…

Stuff I Love: NERDS

Hey!! Welcome Back!
Today's Stuff I Love was really hard for me because there are so many nerdy things I love. It was hard to narrow the list down!! But I finally did, so here you go.

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Xo, Rachael

New in my Shop!

Good MondayAfternoon, All! :)

Saturday was beautiful and I got a lot of cleaning done as well as organized my crafts. I pieced together this and classic card. Another result of my obsession with the pin up culture. ;) All of the items used on this card are recyled.
I hope you like her. :-)

Rachael's Handmade Designs on Etsy is now a dedicated card shoppe - yay! :-D Very excited about this!!! I reorganized some items and added some new things, so please be sure to check it out.

Also made and listed this sweet summer card! Isn't she adorable?

Also, only a few more facebook fans until the giveaway! I'm still looking for ideas as a prize. Let me know if you have an idea! As it stands right now I'm thinking a gift card and a pack of cards would be fun!

Finished and listed the Knight themed card! Yay! :-D

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Cheers! Xo, Rachael

News, Tips and Tricks

Hi Again!
I can’t believe it’s Friday again. This week has flown past! I’ve just been inundated with things to do; barely keeping my head above water!

Coming along with the knight-theme card. I worked a bit on it last night: I cut the “help” speech bubble, stamped it, cut the ground/dirt, and added grass. I also distressed the edges of the sky, greenery background and dirt to add texture and dimension.

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Xo Rachael

Interview with a Seller: Tiffany Addington

It's Thursday again and I've got another great interview for you! Tiffany is a great crafter and makes the yummiest -looking little treats that you can use for just about anything. Check it out below!

1. What’s your name and shop name and what do you do?

My name is Tiffany Addington and I’m a “Domestic Engineer” aka Glorified Stay at Home Momma and addicted Etsyian. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

2. Where are you located?

Right now we’re at North Carolina, good ole Fayetteville.

3. What’s the favorite part of your craft?

The versatility of it, clay is such a versatile medium and I love that! I can make a million different things with it!

4. How long have you been crafting?

Crafting in general? Since I was old enough to finger paint, my Grandmother always had awesome crafty activities for us to do growing up, whether it be embroidering a tea towel or making salt dough ornaments.

5. What’s your favorite thing to make?

I love making intricate desserts. My favorite s…


Hi Again,

I need your help. I'm going to host a giveaway/prize once my facebook followers reach 150. What would you all like to win? I'm thinking it should be craft *related*, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. I'm open to purchasing gift certificates as well.  You can check out my facebook page by clicking here, or by clicking the badge in the column to the right of this blog.

So please leave a comment and let me know what you would all like to win!! Your comments and ideas are appreciated!

Xo, Rachael

In my Studio

Welcome Back!
Here’s a shot from/of my studio last night!
I’ve been working on a new card. I loved this stamp set

and had bought this little knight from Kraftin’ Kimmie. Here’s a shot of how he started out with doing color swatches.

Turned out pretty cute, huh? I also stamped the castle tower and colored it, so the card is coming together quite nicely. Totally looking forward to how this card will turn out!

That’s it for today guys!
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Xo Rachael

Stuff I Love: Under the Sea

Hello my lovelies!
Today's entry of Stuff I Love is all about 'Under the Sea'! So fun! As I put together this collection I couldn't help singing "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid. Ha ha, great now it's gonna be stuck in my head! I hope you enjoy!

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Cheers, Xo Rachael