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Hi Again!
I can’t believe it’s Friday again. This week has flown past! I’ve just been inundated with things to do; barely keeping my head above water!

Coming along with the knight-theme card. I worked a bit on it last night: I cut the “help” speech bubble, stamped it, cut the ground/dirt, and added grass. I also distressed the edges of the sky, greenery background and dirt to add texture and dimension.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to follow this blog. Please also let me know how you came across this blog. There’s a feature to the right which allows you to click on your choice and it only takes a second! :)


Xo Rachael


  1. Cute card Rachael! My oldest daughter is a card maker/paper crafter!

  2. Della that's great! Does she make them for her family and friends and/or sell them?


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