Interview with a Seller: Teri, of Terbear Collectibles


Rachael here with another great interview! I've been a fan of Terbear Collectibles for a little over a year or so. Her products are unique and wonderful, so I thought I'd interview her.

Terbear has even granted my readers a discount code for 10% off your purchase! Just use:
"rachael" as the code.
1. What's your name and shop name and what do you do?
My Name is Teri, but feel free to call me Terbear, everyone does. My shop name is Terbear Collectibles, and the ULR  is, terbear was already taken when I registered on Etsy. I am the top seller of custom made rubber stamps, as well as non custom rubber stamps on Etsy, according to

2. Where are you located? I am located in Sunny California

3. What's the favorite part of your craft? I love how my customers enjoy seeing their name or store name on a rubber stamp.

4. How long have you been crafting? I have been at this business for about 4 years...I never planned on making  custom stamps, but there was such a demand, and at the time I started my business, only about one other seller was doing so on Etsy,

5. What's your favorite thing to make? My favorite type of stamp to make is a stamp made from my customer's own drawings...even more so, childrens drawings make real awesome stamps.

6. What kind of camera do you use to shoot? I use a Sony Cyber-shot, and sometimes I even use my scanner.

7. Who or what models your items? ink and paper baby, ink and paper!

8. What's the most rewarding part of running your own business? Knowing that I can survive a recession, who knew custom rubber stamps were recession proof?

9. What's the most challenging part of running your own business? finding enough time to spend with my family, and finding time to sleep!

10. On average, how many things do you create per week? I have about 100-200 stamps going out each week, that is not during the busy season!

11. What inspires you? other artists inspire me, especially the Etsy artists.

12. Take me thru your creative process. I find out what my customer's needs are, and what they will be using their stamp for....once I know the size, the font, the look they are going for, everything else  just falls into place.

13. What is your best advice to blossoming crafters? Don't be afraid to try new things. Stand behind your product. Make a quality product that you yourself would be proud to use.

You can find Terbear Collectibles's shop here! Don't forget, 10% off when you use the code 'rachael' at checkout.

Thanks for the interview Teri. It's very cool of you! :-D

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Xo, Rachael


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