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How to Build Relationships by Sending Greeting Cards

Sending Greeting Cards is Prissy, right? That’s a good question!
Remember when you were a kid and your Great Aunt Gertrude sent you a card on every birthday and Christmas? Right up until the day of her death she sent you those cards. And they were really mushy with teddy bears, hearts and puppy dogs on them. Remember them? Well, that’s not what I’m talking about. Granted, some of those mushy greeting cards are fine, and I have to admit, even cute sometimes.

But perhaps, since you’re are a bit more practical, sophisticated and refined, you business owners might want to think twice about about sending a stylish, fun and thoughtful greeting card. So, how much did Great Aunt Gertrude really care about you? Life is all about building relationships, whether you are neighbors, new friends, business acquaintances or relatives.  The stronger our relationships, the closer we feel with our group. We have a better support group and can even ask for favors! But, I digress.
My point is that Great Aun…

Come See Us at the Ballard Art Walk & Hangover Market!

Rachael's Handmade Designs will be vending at the Ballard Cupcake Royale for the May Saturday Ballard Art Walk on May 10th! Come take a leisurely stroll through Ballard and view some amazing artwork by some very talented artists.

Also, on Sunday, May 11th, join us at the newly remodeled Comet Tavern on Capitol Hill for The Hangover Flea Market!

I look forward to seeing you all there! Cheers

How sending greeting cards can help your business

When we think about greeting cards, we think of birthday cards that melt our hearts, Christmas and holiday cards sent to everyone we know and Mother’s Day cards.
But business can and often do send greeting cards to their customers as small thank you’s for past business, invitations to upcoming events, or even to remind a customer or patient of an upcoming appointment.  Many card makers can provide all kinds of greeting cards required by a business and even personalize them to each customer.  They should be hand-signed (and we think hand-written!) by the owner of said business.  The recipient is surely to be touched, sharing your thoughtful card with their friends - your customer is sure to think fondly of the company who sent it and may be more likely to continue doing business with you! So, if you want to connect in a positive way with your customer (and really, who doesn’t!?) then pick out a few cards from my shop to send to a few of your most loyal customers!