How to Build Relationships by Sending Greeting Cards

Sending Greeting Cards is Prissy, right?
That’s a good question!

Remember when you were a kid and your Great Aunt Gertrude sent you a card on every birthday and Christmas? Right up until the day of her death she sent you those cards. And they were really mushy with teddy bears, hearts and puppy dogs on them.
Remember them? Well, that’s not what I’m talking about.
Granted, some of those mushy greeting cards are fine, and I have to admit, even cute sometimes.

But perhaps, since you’re are a bit more practical, sophisticated and refined, you business owners might want to think twice about about sending a stylish, fun and thoughtful greeting card.
So, how much did Great Aunt Gertrude really care about you?
Life is all about building relationships, whether you are neighbors, new friends, business acquaintances or relatives.  The stronger our relationships, the closer we feel with our group. We have a better support group and can even ask for favors! But, I digress.

My point is that Great Aunt Gertrude sent you those greeting cards not out of obligation, but because she loved you and wanted to show you that you were in her thoughts. Think about it: a greeting card is a small gesture in itself, but when you take the time to pick out the perfect card, sit down, write out a thoughtful note, address an envelope, buy stamps and make a trip to the drop box - well, it doesn't become just a small gesture anymore. That small gesture has suddenly become something more, something personalized, and in some cases, cherished and saved for years to come.
How do you build a relationship and save time, and money too
Everyone loves to get a surprise in the mail. Its that happy little tickle in your belly, the smile across your face that you open the mailbox and there's a little gift inside with your name on it.

One very simple and cost-effective way of enhancing relationships is to send greeting cards to people. Sending a card expresses a deeper level of caring than an email, an e-card or even a phone call.
The latter because it takes some forward planning and you cannot do it on the day, because you only just thought of it, and hope to get away with it. Its instant gratification, just like shooting zombies on the xbox.
By taking the time to select the perfect greeting and writing your personalized message, this demonstrates a greater level of caring. And it is not apparent, but more an instinctive feeling people have. You had to have remembered, planned ahead and executed sending a card, and that gets the message across.
How important is it whether you show you care?
Apparently over 70% of people would send more greeting cards if it were easier than going to the store, and 60% if it were not so expensive.
So an average of 65% of people want an easy and cost effective way of sending cards. That’s quite a lot of people who want to show they care. And although they’d probably never tell you this, they’d like to be cared about and receive greeting cards themselves too.

So show the people in your life that you care! Send them a greeting card today. Your neighbors, new friends, business acquaintances or relatives will be pleasantly surprised and its a safe bet that your relationships will be enhanced as a result.

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