Business 101: Part IVb - Outside Gal: Keeping the Juices Flowing

Hi All,

As the outside gal, creativity is your strong point. Sometimes, tho, we all run into a brick wall. One way to battle this is to clear the cobwebs from your work space. It really gives you a fresh start. (Personally I find that it's difficult for me to create when my space it too messy or too clean. I like it *just right* I like to see what I have and what I can work with.)

I also feel that going through your supplies every now and again when you feel blocked can really be beneficial.  This is where the "Inside Gal" can come in handy. Clear off your design table. What do you have? Take inventory of your supplies. (Jot down price if you have it available.) What do you use on a constant basis? What have you *not* used in the last six months? Generally if you don't use it in six months, you won't ever use it. (Side note: this works for just about everything you own - wardrobe, personal effects, books, etc.) So? Sell what you don't use! Recently I sold a Making Memories Slice die cutting machine that I hadn't used since I purchased my Cricut. I discounted the machine and sold it in a bundle with some design disks on Craigslist. I was able to get cash for it, which I ultimately was able to put towards my business to purchase things that I *will* use.

So clean out that clutter! You'll feel better, you might make some cash in doing so - AND you will be able to see and work with what you have, thereby creating more of a flow of the creative energy.


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