BOGO Sale and Other Tasty Goodness!

Hi Again All!

Buy one, get one of equal or lesser value HALF OFF!
(Yeah, I know, cool right?)

There's been a few things going on since my last update.  October and the harvest season is just around the corner - that means the holidays are not far behind, so stay tuned for exciting holiday packages and sales!

I'm excited to bring you some new colors in my adjustable rose rings in the meantime. Colors will range from light key lime to bright orange to a deep blue, and everything in between. Also new and debuting shortly is the same type of adjustable ring with a round floral cabochon.  Look for pictures soon!

I heard back re: the EtsyRain application for the Pre-Holiday show: I didn't make it in this year and I have to admit, I'm kind of bummed, BUT! There's always another show! It may have been too large of a show for Rachael's Handmade Designs, as it is currently, anyways. So, all-in-all, not a bad thing. ;-)

The rainy season in Seattle has started. Stay dry! :)


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