Hello and Welcome Back!

Its hard to believe that I haven't updated my blog since before the holiday season. Things have been so busy!

After the holidays I took a trip to visit my boyfriend in Canada. I just got back to Seattle a few days ago and re-opened the shop to a few sales, which was nice. Of course, there's snow all over Seattle right now, so my customers are experiencing delayed shipping as I have not been able to get home yet. On the bright side, everyone seems to be understanding! :-) Below is a photo of what has come to be known as "Snowpocalypse 2012" in Seattle.

Going from -40 c weather with a foot of snow on the ground in Canada to Seattle's +28 weather with little snow and having the entirety of the city freak out just seems kind of odd!

Anyways, in the store, the vintage stamps that I've started carrying are absolutely flying out the door. If you haven't had a chance to stop by and check them out, you should before they are all gone!

I've also got some great items leftover from the holidays that are on special right now for some jaw-dropping prices, as well as a layout kit, some layouts, supplies and some lovely handmade cards that are suprisingly still available.

I've even got a new mini-note set, pictured below! What a cute and fun way to drop a friend a quick line!

Also, I have some fresh new additions to the shop that haven't even been debuted yet. They include this nice rubber stamp of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, pictured below, and a cute little palm pictured below that.
These items are from my own personal collection, however I have not used them personally. They are pre-owned and in quite good condition.  These two stamps will be debuted in my shop and on my facebook page later this afternoon. Go to my facebook and "like" to stay on top of all of the freshest and newest additions to the shop! :-)

You can also follow me on twitter!

That's all the news I have from Seattle for now. Thanks for checking in - check out the shop and see all the new and cool items!

Xo, Rachael


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