Five Easy Ways to Get Inspired

When you're artistically stuck and feeling creatively drained here are five easy ways to get your groove back!

#1.  Make Creativity a Habit and a Way of Life.
Do something creative every day. Creativity is a way of life, a habit. Most creative people I know do something every day, even if its just a doodle, sketch or getting ideas and thoughts down on paper. No matter how small your creative something is, you should try and take a few minutes per day and do it. A great way to do this is to keep an art journal, sketch journal or the like.

#2.  Don’t force it
Not feeling very creative? Stuck? Happens to everyone! Leave your project, don’t try and force something that just is not working. Set your project aside! Do something that is completely different. Take a walk and get some fresh air. If you have a camera, a neat exercise is to challenge yourself to find something beautiful in everyday life. Listen to new music, or go to the art store and browse. These things usually work for me - I love to go to the art store and look at all the pretty papers! Everybody needs a break every now and then. You may even find inspiration where you are not even looking for it.

#3.  Stick Your Nose in a Book
Check out art books at your local library. There are some great ideas within these pages of knowledge (and some not-so-great ones) for you to try out and put your own spin on. Look at books on master artists, both in classical art and contemporary art in and out of your artistic field. Analyze the pieces - what do you like and why? What do you not like and why?  This is FREE ARTISTIC EDUCATION to further your creative endeavor!

#4.  Take a Class
Think of taking a class as extending your professional artistic education. Sure, you may have to pay for it, but in doing so it adds value to your art because you learn a new skill, meet people, and have a good time doing whatever it is that you’re doing. It’s a new challenge and gets you thinking outside of the box. You can take a single-day class, a week long class or a class at your community college.

#5.  Clean or Organize Your Crafty Space
There are few times that I feel more creatively inspired than when I’m faced with a clean craft desk! Tidying your space lets you prioritize your projects, see what you have, and, maybe not for you, but for me it generally makes me feel better, more collected and organized. Also, I have found that cleaning out my stash and donating things or selling them helps to cycle products that I have and make room for new creative flow. Try not to hold onto projects that you plan to do, but have not gotten around to, for too long. Excess items or projects can weigh you down and hold you back.

I hope you have a chance to give some of these easy tips a whirl! They really help me when I'm feeling defeated.


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