Back from Vacation!


I'm back from my week of vacation, which was WONDERFUL! If you're interested in viewing some pictures, please click here!

While I was on vacation I ran into a shop around the corner from my boyfriend's home called Just Scrap It! Wow! What a cute little shop! They must have everything under the sun!

One line that Just Scrap It! carries that I hadn't experienced before is BoBunny. It's so adorable!! I can't believe I was so blind! Ha! So now I'm looking for new lines. What are your favorite paper lines?! Do you have any suggestions?? I'd love to hear what you suggest! Leave a comment below and let me know!!

I was also introduced to Melody Ross's paper design from GCD Studio. WOW!!! And Stella and Rose Stamps?! Forgetaboutit!

I'm also pretty excited to say that I finally placed another order with Kimmie. UG! Such a difficult decision! Why can't we all have an unlimited amount of cash flow?! ;) Kraftin Kimmie is by far one of my favorite companies - along with bombshell stamps, of course (which has some great new stamp designs that you should check out) and are my two wonderful Go-To's!

Xo, Rachael


  1. Hey Rach! Looks like the paper bug has bitten you!

    I popped in to see how you're contest is going, but I don't see your Friend Connect. You had boatloads of followers last time I checked. Hope everything is ok. By the way, the blog looks fabulous! Love this crazy font. So much fun!

    Take care.

    Hugz, Cheryl

  2. Thanks Cheryl! Yeah, I was redesigning and...I've given up on the friend connect. I don't know how I lost it again. Really aggrivating!! :*( Contest is going well. Gotta figure ou the friend connect again, I think I accidentally deleted it and it won't let me reinstall. :( How are you, my dear?


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