Gelli Mono Printing with Bombshell Stamps

Just before Christmas my Mom and I took a trip by train to Portland. We originally wanted to go for the Saturday market, but when I found out there was a handmade show going on (Crafty Wonderland) we decided to make that a priority.
Turns out we had time for everything on the list! We hit the craft show, the Saturday market (which is also open on Sunday) and my favorite place in Portland, Collage art store in the Alberta Arts District. (Second favorite is Barista coffee just down the street, where you can also get a beer!)
Anyways, I'd had my eye on a Gelli printing plate for a few weeks and since I had my Christmas shopping done I decided to treat myself. I've been playing ever since!
Here's a picture of my first print that I liked.

Anyways, the second print I created that I really like is below.

I was able to create this piece with multiple layers of color and using three sets from Bombshell Stamps as stencils, Butterfly Queen, A Pirate's Life and Bombshell Angel chosen for their silhouettes. I cut the skirt off of Butterfly Queen, which worked much better for my purposes.

What do you think?? Leave a comment and let me know! 



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