Art Journal Entries

A few weeks ago I found a simple sketchbook at Goodwill.  So I've been playing around and trying to be more consistent with creating art - specifically, I've been drawing a lot lately and trying to incorporate acrylic paint, copic markers and mixed media techniques.

Here was my first entry in my art journal with a sketch I drew on normal copy paper. I coloured this girl with copic markers and cut her out after the paint had dried. I used Mod Podge to stick her down and finished the piece.

This piece has subsequently been fucked up because I tried to use spray inks on the back of this page, which seeped through and ruined the first page's drawing. Oh well, at least I still have a picture of this. I'm thinking of going back with acrylic paint and "fixing" it. I learned that its good to skip a couple of pages between entries and to try not and mix spray inks.

Here's  my second entry, a full double page layout with spray inks, rubber stamping and acrylic accents. I haven't really figured out what else I'm going to do with this yet.

Here's a sketch I drew and painted recently. Looks good on paper, but stupid me added it to the back of the double layout with Mod Podge, which only caused the spray inks to "seep" and make things difficult, not to mention I didn't get the application right and the paper buckled. Grrr!!!

Oh well, I guess that's learning.

I've started a new layout that I think is going to be a field of poppies in acrylic. Now, if I could only draw poppies. I did a study of them yesterday.

We'll see how it goes.


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