There are no Mistakes in Art

Welcome back and thanks for stopping by. I'm so happy that you did because I'm looking forward to sharing my Seattle handmade cards and projects with you - seriously, you've come to the best place to find Seattle's BEST handmade greeting cards.

I've been watching a lot of Bob Ross lately, and although not a rubber stamper, Bob has a point: there really are not any mistakes in art. Maybe that's why so many people enjoy creating? Usually you can work something out of an unforseen outcome, and if you're lucky it turns out even better than planned. I feel that as long as you learn from your shortcomings, they are not failures (in life and art).

This is a new stamp that I purchased recently from a good friend of mine who owns an art store here in Seattle. It's a set of a couple in the rain and comes with some other stamps as well.

I used the marker to to rubber technique (I will show you exactly what I did in a later post) and masked the image off after stamping.
After accidentally dropping the rain stamp all over my paper, I decided just to roll with the image as it was (shown above) because I think it, although unintended, ads a layer of interest to the image.

I paired the stamped image with a piece I had created using a monoprinting technique with acrylic paints recently and VOILA!

A fun sentiment image finishes the card.

I enjoyed making this card as it was a lot of fun creating such a diverse piece. There is also quite a bit of texture involved in the card, so that's always a fun element. :) I just love all the texture and depth in this card. I know you and your loved one will love it as well.

Who wouldn't you love to receive this in the mail?
You can purchase my greeting cards here.


  1. Fabulous stamp, so unusual. Love the card with the colours and textures and no one would know you dropped the stamp if you had not said. Love it!

    Sylv xx


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