Invitation to Ladie's Night

Hi all!
Last Friday I was telephoned by a client of mine who invited me to do a "Ladie's Night" street fair table for my handmade cards and jewelry. I'm quite excited about this because it will give me the chance to 1. get exposure in my community as an artist, and 2. it will give the shop owner (my client) a chance to see how well my items will sell. She is still on the fence re: purchasing a wholesale order from me. In part, I beleive this is due to financials. When I originally proposed the wholesale purchase of my handmade cards and jewelry it was the slow months of her business. She runs an ice cream parlor and the summer months are her busiest months, so I think this would be a great opportunity to see how my products will be able to sell.
I've also made some new cards lately. Check 'em out and tell me whatcha think!!!


  1. That's pretty exciting and wish you all the best!! Love the cards and your blog!!

  2. Aw, nevertooold you made me smile this morning! :)


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