Hi All,

Well, I finally have time to post this little update. The Ladies Night shopping craft show thing went REALLY well. I made a lot of profit (more than I thought I would) and there was a lot of foot traffic and my things were seen. I also noticed that people were more interested in my jewelry than my cards. I suspect that this is due mainly to my lack of merchandising for my cards. I need to figure out a better way than a table-top spinner display. Perhaps a tiered acrylic display? I'm not sure. But, I was invited to do the next Ladies Night event again, so that's great! A possible long-term event booking! :D

Now comes the big show! This weekend is my big street fair. I'm excited and horrified all at once. I'm not sure that I have enough product for the street fair, but I've been working my little fingers to the bone to make what I can in time. I don't think I will have enough time to get a new display for my cards in time for the street fair, but - that's alright. You live and learn, right?

Talk at ya later!


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