Zig Zag Card Tutorial

Hi All!

I wanted to share with you a fun and exciting new way to create a card.  Let me first say that I did this tutorial with just a regular 80 lb. sheet of legal sized paper to make a mock-up first. You may want to do this, too, before you start to work with your favorite sheet of cardstock.  So - let's get started!

You Will Need:
1.  8.5x14 piece of cardstock;
2.  a ruler;
3.  something to score with (I use scissors+my ruler)
4.  craft knife + self-healing mat or protected surface.
5.  pencil


To Do:
1. Cut down your 8.5x14 sheet of paper to 12x5.5.
2. Lengthwise, score at 2"; 4"; 8"; and 10".

3.  Now, along the first score line, measure 2" down from the top of the card. Mark with a dot.  Do the same on the 10" score line and, pressing LIGHTLY, connect the dots across lengthwise.  This is where you will cut.

4.  Now do the same, only measure 2" up from the bottom and do the same as you did before.

5. Trace your lightly penciled in lines with your craft knife.

6.  Now you should have a free flap in the middle of your paper. On the left hand side, pull the inside free part up and fold along the score line, and the others down and fold.  Do the reverse on the right hand side, like so:
And you're base of the card is finished! Embellish as you wish! :D
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. :)


  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. i must say this is really a good read for me.


    1. Hi Christine! Thanks so much for the comment! I'm glad that you have been following along and I hope that you comment and leave me future little notes. I love to hear from people! :D


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