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Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I’m feeling quite happy today because I was called for Jury Duty and they said I could go home and that I don’t have to report until tomorrow. So yay for me!

I’ve got some new items in my shop to share with you! I was so busy this last week making loads of cards to share with you and keep my store fresh and exciting - I really think I hit the nail on the head with these cards! So, let's get started!

This is my new "Wanna Cuddle" card, available in my shop. I made use of my favorite Martha Stewart scalloped punch for this card and paired the girl with some fluttery pink bug backgrounds. I matched buttons and hemp cord with this to finish it off! So cute, and layered inside too!

Next is this super cute crafting card for the person you know that's super crafty. It's a little gal selling her crafty goodness! ;) I paired her with layered tags. One is printed, one is embossed, and the yellow tag has a little angel stamped onto it in shadow pigment. The tags are tied off with hemp cord, paired with a 'she's crafty' banner and mounted onto layered colorful star paper. There are rivets on the corner of each of the crafty lady's table.

I worked all Saturday on this uber cute ‘thinking of you’ card that features Rose from Bombshell Stamps. This card was originally supposed to be an accordion card, but I decided that I liked it more if I attached the first tier down to the second tier. So it turned out to be a regular card, with a lot of dimension! I love how it turned out!!!

Thanks for checking in today!
If you love what you see, hop on over to my shop and take a gander at what I've got!
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Xo, Rachael


  1. so gorgeous!! all of them!! they are all so different in vibe and theme...awesome variation!!


  2. I really like the background you put behind Rose. She looks great too.


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