Technique: Bargello

Its amazing to me how many techniques you can use from one sort of craft and transpose the same technique with another sort of craft. Today's technique you might have seen in needlepoint crafts. The exciting part of Bargello is that you can re-create the look with papers!
 Above: an example of Bargello.

So to recreate this technique with paper, here's what you can do:

1. Select your complimentary papers. Stripes and geometric patterns look pretty and cool. I used shades of blue.

2. Cut your papers into varying widths of long strips.

3. Organize your paper strips into a fashion that pleases you, running lengthwise and glue down. Make sure there isn't any gap-osis! :)

You can either tape the strips from the back or lay the strips directly onto a piece of tacky paper.

4. Cut the strips vertically.
Now you can stagger the strips by moving some up and some down to create the cool effect! Tape the strips together on the back to permanently form the pattern that you like, or glue them down one at a time.

5. Now you can trim the backing so you don't see it. You can either leave the ends dangling, or you can cut it down and get the part that you REALLY want, which is what I did.

See? It's like a little mini quilt! :D

6.  Now you can mount the completed piece onto your card and you're done! (or add some other cool effects if you like!)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this project. Give it a whirl, it's really fun, and a great way to use your scraps up!
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Xo, Rachael


  1. That is SUPERB Rachael!!Now I know how to make a cool background for a quilter friend of mine!
    Thanks for showing this!

  2. Красивая мозаика!


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