Exciting News, Have you Heard?!

I'm now on the Design Team at Bombshell Stamps! My BSS BFF Emily also made it! So exciting! I'm so happy to be a part of the amazing team!

Here's the blogroll

The Bombshell Girls

Our Monthly Pin-Ups, aka Guest Designers:
Ms. April -- Teresa Gray, aka Mommamea
Ms. May -- Jennie Harris
Ms. June -- Kim Gaughan, aka Crafty Pink Anchor
Ms. July -- Susie Little, aka LittleMe
Ms. August -- Jodi Elam
Ms. September -- Lizzie Oakley, aka Oh Snap Lizzie

And here's the official announcement!


  1. im so glad we got this together :) :) if we didnt... i would have cried!!!

    1. Me too! Sobbed and wailed and thrown myself on the floor dramatically!

  2. Yes. I heard. ;-D

    And I'm delighted to be working with you again!

    1. Kathi, I'm happy you are happy, lol. I think I might do a crackle PLATE next!!


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