Back in the Saddle

The last of my crafty shipments has arrived! YAY! I am so happy because since I have made the move from Seattle to Saskatoon I have felt that as a result the quality of my cards have suffered, which is a TOTAL bummer. My craft supplies have been literally split between two countries! YIKES! So my cards have been relatively simple and I feel lacking in creativity and enthusiasm. BUT! No longer! Not only have I been creatively kicked in the booty by the wonderful Ms Sheryl, but I’ve also received the rest of my crafty goodness from the states!!! YAY!!! I’m also looking forward to re-stocking my crafty supplies. I can’t wait to go to the craft store with Sheryl – we’ve planned a little ladies day of crafty shopping and I’ll be so glad to get some of my basics stockpiled and packed away. I’ve got my list and I’m ready to go!!


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