Drunken Stampers - Team Bahama Mama - The Birds (Birds)

This week's challenge at Drunken Stampers was one of my favorite classic pieces, by the amazing director (although one with questionable morals, according to Tippy Hedron interviews) Alfred Hitchcock.
Here is my take on the challenge.
I love this card because it is the epitomy of the movie the birds, from the dark tones to the classic black and white printed papers. Anyways, I adore this card!



  1. Great card Rachael!! Fantastic representation of the movie! Love it!!

  2. Love your card Rachael! That image is absolutely PERFECT for this challenge! (Where did you get it? Inquiring minds, a.k.a. ME!, want to know?!)

    1. Thanks Chris! Its actually created using some rubber stamps from a company I used to work for...

  3. I remember the movie, it was scary I think your card portrayed the movie to a "T" my first thought was ........oh how "dark" Fabulous job.

  4. Your right, it's perfect for that movie. It would make an awesome movie poster.


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