Spray Ink Stencil and Tinted Gesso Two Pack

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Today's blog post is covering what's going on in the shop. I have expanded my artistic reach into the world of mixed media and have acquired some gesso and spray inks. I've had a rather good play and these two cards are what I came up with! I'm offering two cards for the price of one. They measure 4x6 and are each provided with a crisp white envelope. Like any little piece of art, they are not perfect, but that's what makes them wonderful!

Its a little difficult to tell, but the above card is blue and purple mixed spray ink. 

And this one is kind of a relief blue tinted gesso of the same stencil.
These little cards are great in person and they were so much fun to have a good play with! I can't wait to create more! I hope you enjoyed them!
Have you worked with spray inks and/or gesso before? If you have, leave me a comment and tell me all about it!


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