No Glue Tape? NO PROBLEM!

I love it when you're happily in the middle of creating a masterpiece and run out of your [insert random art supply here]. It happened to me last night! I ran out of my ATG Glue tape and I thought I was going to have to set aside my masterpiece right when I was in the middle of my creative flow.

Luckily, I'm a crafty gal...and at times a bit absent-minded...But I digress. I got my first layer down with glue tape and decided to challenge myself to see how many different types of adhesive I could use on a card. This one turned out to be four different types! And I got to use my scraps! (It always makes me happy when I can use every last bit of my paper!)

I used foam squares (which I also ran out of the day before yesterday, but luckily I had forgotten that I had purchased "the wrong kind" of foam squares and had set the wrong ones aside) and washi tape, as well as gel medium and ATG Glue tape.  So that was pretty fun, not something that I've ever done before.

And I'm really tickled at how this card turned out! What do you think?


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