Business 101: Part 2 - Bundles and Sets (Marketing)

Hi All,

Like many of you, my shop has been hurting lately. :(Summer is a hard time to weather for small business owners of some trades. It's important to understand that there are seasons for shopping - or at least, I keep telling myself this! 

I have been doing research on how to compensate for the challenging summer months; indeed, how to turn it into something useful to further my shop and encourage growth.  I don't usually read the Etsy blog, but I'm kind of feeling blocked, so I decided to. I came across an article that helped me to understand more merchandising approaches.


We all agree that having varied price points in your shop helps to appeal to a wider range of buyers, right?

In the retail culture, I was often taught that it's the number of transactions you have in a day, and the size of those transactions. The magic number was three! So, think about it. By offering a bundle, you not only offer the buyer the items that they were looking for in the first place, but you offer it at a discounted price, thereby gaining trust through value. Studies have shown that customers won't by without both *trust* and *value*.

Also, it's nice to offer a set of items. More choice. So this is what I think my next project for my shop will be.

Here's the article I read: Bundles


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