Friday, June 18, 2010

Show Recap

Hi All,
Well, the Father's Day show was pretty slow. I don't think it helped that the weather was overcast, but people just were not out-and-about, either. I also forgot a large chunk of my jewelry, which is just as well because for the size of my table, and merchandizing until I get another, the amount of piece I had were perfect. I also made some changes from last show. I made an obnoxiously colored card sign, and brought the cards out to the corner of the table where people have to look at them. They *did* get more views, and a lot of compliments. :D

I've also made some changes in my merchanidizing; I got the ideas from some vendors I saw when I did the UW Street Fair. If you've read my post about the street fair I did in May, you know how I feel about large street fairs now. (Probably one of the only bonuses of doing a large street fair is seeing how other people market and merchandize their items - it really helped me!) Anyways, I was able to find some wire stands at a local thrift shop and use them for merchandizing my jewelry!

A customer i have sold to online came by too! It's always nice to meet your customers in person, if you sell online. It was a pleasure to see you, Julie Lopez, if you're reading this! I'm glad you're loving your ring! :D
Made a few sales, but I think in general June is a tough month for sales. July should pick up, and August/September is going to be insane with the "Back to School" rush.

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  1. Love your persistance, optimism, and overall look at things. "Kaizen" as the Japanese call it. Have a great weekend!!


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