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A few days ago I had the urge to draw. So I sketched. I think I saw this image or drawing somewhere, but I tried to recreate it and make it my own from what I could remember. The left hand is weird. They're so difficult, I've never been good at hands. Or noses.
I've also been playing around with stamps.  I made this card from an image I stamped AGES ago and hadn't used in one of my projects. I think this card is quite cute! Perfect for that country girl you know.
I did something I rarely do on greeting cards, tho. I added a hand-written sentiment to this. Not because I wanted to, but because I didn't have an appropriate sentiment stamp, I don't do individual letter stamps (seriously? As if I don't have ENOUGH crafting supplies!!!) ............aaaand because apparently, my printer is my arch nemesis. 

Which leads me to this video.

In other news, I made this card for a Kathi's sketch challenge at bombshell stamps.
I created another card for the bombshell blog hop on the 28th, which I'll be sure to post for, that used this same Muertas set.

I'm currently working on a shrine/alter item that I've cut and folded from cardstock. I still have yet to work in-depth on this project, but it's next up on the agenda.
I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time on this particular project. About two years ago I saw a project constructed using this shrine cutout and it just blew me away. I've got my colors picked, and now for the fun part - selecting images and paper!!! If you craft, do you like to pick your papers or your images first?

Anyways, my eyes are drooping and I'm finally starting to fall asleep. Take care all and thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment and show some love! :-)

Xo, Rachael


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