Poker Face Greeting Card and Matching Envelope

Poker Face Greeting Card & Matching Envelope

KaiserCraft Timeless Collection p653 Sheet Music
paper trimmer
nail file
a2 card base with matching envelope
black and tan gingham paper (I'm using DCWV 12x12)
Complementary red paper (I'm using a sheet from Martha Stewart's Critter's Designer Paper Pad)
Retro Cowgirl Rubber Stamp Set by Bombshell Stamps (using the profile pinup)
Luck and Fate Rubber Stamp Set by Bombshell Stamps (using Luck & Fate banner)
glue dots
copics or colored pencils
adhesive runner
xact-o knife and self-healing cutting mat (or other protective surface!)
pop dots or dimensionals

Make your card base. (I cheat and buy mine!)
flip times collection p653 over and cut out your choice of playing cards.
If you want you can look up poker hands and arrange the cards that way its kind of a cute touch.
Trim playing cards and shape with a nail file if needed.

I am using a flush hand from 5 card poker.

Decide on sizing of the gigham that fits how you are going to arrange the small playing cards. I don't do exact measurements and I just end up eyeballing everything. Do what looks good to you! Some overlapping of
the gingham and base of the card might happen.

Fan the cards out in a pleasing manner.

Stamp your profile pinup and your Luck & Fate banner on a separate sheet of paper and expertly color with copics or colored pencils.

Here are the copics that I used for this card.

Cut out each piece stamped image once its colored.

Distress mini playing cards if so desired. Usually I would distress most of my pieces but since there is so much brown in this card design already, I'm going to leave them as they are because I need the white to pop the design.

When you have your mini cards fanned, put a glue dot behind each one and stick them to each other. This will not only add a slight dimension to the cards, but will also allow you a temporary hold on the cards so that you can position them before gluing.

Glue down your background papers once you are satisfied with the positioning.

Add glue to the back of your mini playing cards and glue down.

Take an exact-o knife and self-healing mat and cut out the negative space between the bombshell's legs. I always do this because I'm anal retentive and it bothers me. I also think it makes the design look cleaner, adds depth and precision and detail to designs, but that's just me! :)

Once you position the banner in the perfect place, glue it down.

Now pop your bombshell off the page with dimensionals and you're done with the card!

Stamp the "BANG!" gun from the pinup set on the lower front left of the envelope and line in red and gingham, or just gingham if you're lazy like me. :-)

Special Notes: If you have any of the Tim Holtz mini playing card embossing folders, those would be fun to try too! Also, the base of my card is flawed. :-( When I glued down the playing cards I intentionally went over the two layers, but went too far out and now it won't fit properly in it's envelope! GAH! ;-)

Thanks for tuning into this tutorial. This card was really fun and my first time actually keeping *track* of all of the items that I use to create a card for tutorial/duplication purposes. Exciting! I'm going to start trying to get published in magazines here in a bit. We'll see!!

Leave me a comment below and show some love! What do you think of this card? Were my directions easy to follow? I'm so proud of this cute little card, so I hope you like it too.

Xo, Rachael


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