Time Flies When I'm With You

I created this card from Graphic 45 Papers because I adore the vintage and steampunk themes. This isn't full-on steampunky, but I think its enough of a vintage feeling that you get the idea and the vibe.


This friendship greeting sold today and my customer mentioned that it is somewhat reminiscent of a steampunk-themed wedding she produced the floral arrangements for.

I was pleased, since that was the feeling I was going for! Michelle also mentioned that in her arrangements for the wedding that she used a lot of feathers, peacocks and otherwise, a deep deep red and a crisp white with cogs and gears.

So I think this was pretty right on for what I was aiming for!

What do you think of this card? I loved making it! I adore Graphic 45. I should use more of their papers. I've only ever used their pieces for making cards. Does anyone out there in bloggerland use Graphic 45 for anything else? Scrap projects or dimensional projects? What lines are your favorite? Where do I begin?! lol


  1. Oh wow Rachael ! This is {LOVE}! I adore G45 (you could even say obsessed with them lol! I used them heaps of times for 'other than a card' there is a label tag on my blog if you want to peak. They are such yummy papers to work with! I just stocked up on the Nutcracker range and am still trying to decide what to do with them! Oh the idea!

    1. Yes, they're so yummy! Too yummy, you know what I mean? Like, I get scared, it took forever for me to cut into this paper. PAPER HOARDER!!! lol


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