Totoro Card

Hello Bloggerland!

Look who stopped by for a little visit! It's Totoro, from the movie My Neighbor Totoro!

Totoro has been called many things, from "a giant furry thing" to "rabbit-like spirit". Basically, Totoro is the spirit of the forest.

Totoro is a mixture of many animals. He is part Tanukis (which is the Japanese version of Racoons), cats (pointed ears and facial expressions), and owls.

Whatever he is, he was sure fun to make a card with!


  1. OMGZ We LOVE Totoro at our house. We even sing the totoro song in the car. What a wonderful card. Where ever did you find the image.

    1. I love Totoro too! It s a coloring image from Hayao Miyazaki's site I believe!


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