A card crazy week!

Ciao my friends!
Thanks for checking in! It's been a busy week since I last posted something about my studio. I've created a lot of lovely cards and tried out a few new things!

Last week I was playing around with different folds. I decided on this fold, a stair-stepper or side ladder card for my dad's birthday. I abandoned this actual card last week, but I plan to use this fold for his real card.

And here's a sweet layout I did for me and Andrew's scrapbook. I love the lettering and how the 'stitching' turned out on black. Yeah, I need more black...

I've discovered the butterfly setting on a cricut cartridge I have. I've been kinda going nuts with it, it's so adorable! It's in the above photograph, and here's a photo of a card I designed in the last week that also features them.
 That's my handwriting on the sentiment. One of the few times I incorporate my personal writing in my cards! (You should feel privileged for viewing this! Ha!) My handwriting has never been a favorite of mine.

A design I absolutely adore is black damask and since I've been looking at different design elements and folds, you should check out this next card. It's still in the works, but cute none-the-less.

More butterflies? Yes please! :D
I love this card - the design elements are simple with clean lines. And blue patterns with orange?! Too cute. :-) (Also my handwriting.)

And did I mention I love hot pink and black damask??? I love how this greeting turned out! I even added bling! ;)

And some simple coffee cups, for the caffeine addict in all of us! Yay! Hehe.

More butterflies!

Oh yeah, I just learned how to make pinwheels!!! They're great for cards!!

I use a lot of blue in my designs, so I'm trying to incorporate more oranges since it's such a great pairing - nice a summery! :D

Another black damask card. Similar to the one previously shown, only I used the negative pieces from this one. There's bling as well.

I'm also exploring shapes and sizes. What about little favor boxes? Here's a little mock-up I made with some printed floral b/w paper. Cute, huh? It's got a frilly flower topper! :)

And finally, here is the mock-up I made today. It's a good thing it's a first go because my measurements need tweaking! I think this 4 drawer easel card turned out alright, but I could definitely point out things that I'll be changing next go-around!

Drawers turned out pretty well.
I used a sweet little brad for the "handle", but BOOOOOO!!! Measurements on the 'wrapper' part of this project was a failure. :( Uber gap-osis.

and finally...
And here, with the easel attached and up. No stopper. Mock-up is unfinished. 

An that's it for this edition of In my Studio! I hope you enjoyed it! I've been uber busy crafting this goodness. You can find these designs, and many others, at my shop located at Rachael's Handmade Designs!

Your comments are appreciated! :D

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Cheers all,
Xo, Rachael


  1. I guess you have gone Card crazy!!...LOL Very pretty LOVE card and The first one is very cool, is that a step card? Thanks for sharing and I am waiting for your post on the Scrapbook Expo and all your goodies you get!!!


  2. Hi Rachael, love your cards!
    Judy K.


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