Interview with a Seller

One of my favorite fabric crafters granted me an interview!
Check it out!!

1. My name is Judy, my shop name is By Judianne and I make purses, totes, etc.

2. A am located in Marysville, WA

3. My favorite part is designing.

4. I've been crafting for many, many years.

5. My favorite things to make are all of things in my shop.

6. I use a Canon SD 890

7. My youngest daughter models my bags.

8. Knowing that others like what I do well enough to spend their hard earned money on them.

9. Keeping to a schedule.

10. During the slower times, I create approx. 3-4 items per week; during the busy times (fall) 7-10 items per week.

11. Beautiful fabrics, colors, textures.

12. I usually cut out and prep (pin and iron together) several items at a time and from that point forward, make each bag individually. Sometimes I will take a couple of days just to try out new designs and/or ideas. Then I make patterns for the designs that work for me.

13. Do what you love. I started out painting quite a few years ago and loved it and made a nice little career from my artwork for over 20 years. Then I decided to make jewelry with one of my daughters and we had an enjoyable side career for several years. Two years ago I wanted to find something new to do that involved sewing; I have sewn since I was about 10. I settled on handbags and totes because there were always so many people lined up to get into the Coach store at the local outlet mall. I knew that even though the economy was not good, some things were still selling well. And I was right; it's been good having my little handbag shop on Etsy. Each of the things I've done, I have loved doing.

Xo, Rachael


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