Welcome back!
Thanks for joining me! I haven't been creating very much lately because I my boyfriend was in town, and we were out and about doing other things like going to the lake and water park. So much fun! Now that his visit is over, I have a little more time on my hands.
Tonight I completed a layout for our scrapbook and started and completed another! (Well, all but the title.)
I was looking for inspiration to make a card and I came across a funny and cute little attribute that I've never seen before! Inchies!! Funny little one-inch squares. Usually it's a collage square that incorporates a background, image, or a word or letter. Julie O'Neil created these funny things as a way to integrate many works into one cohesive, quilt-like piece of art. I think they're great! They can be made of either paper or fabric and have become a viable form of art and format for card-makers specifically.
Here are a couple that I love!
photo courtesy of PhizzyChick on
and this

photo courtesy of Catharina's-love on

You can feature them on cards, *make* a card from them, sew them into a quilt or do pretty much anything with them. Some people are fond of trading them, even!

What do you think? Have you ever made any yourself?


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