Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday: New in my Shop

Hello Again my Friends!!!
So glad you came back for a gander! :0) I had a great, relaxing weekend.
Take a look at some new items in the shop!
I made this cute little "thanks" card with flower and two butterflies. It's out of my norm, but that's my handwriting in the sentiment. Also, LOVING the butterfly feature on my cricut!! They're coated in pink to pop them and I added a little bling to add some sparkle. Cute, huh? I thought it was perfect for summer!

I also added this sweet butterfly 5x5 card to the shop as well!

Isn't this absolutely adorable? I used designer papers from the hopskotch line, as well as some other fancy printed papers I've been stashing away for far too long! ;-)

Check back tomorrow for my Stuff I Love entry! And then on Wed you can see everything I've been working on in the studio lately!
Xo, Rachael

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