Technique: Onare

Happy Friday All!

Today I bring you a new technique I've learned about! It's paper piercing - I know you will love it!

Onare is literally piercing paper, as shown below.

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This technique can be done a number of ways with a number of different materials. Originally it was done on tin.

There are severaly different layouts/templates to choose from and they usually run from about $11-$14.

The decorative template is placed on a reverse side of card stock, the pierced completely or partially through. I would just use a pin, but there are piercing tools available for purchase. Or you can use a combo of both large and small piercing tools to add further depth.

Pretty cool, huh? If you happen to scrapbook as well and have some swirly templates for rhinestones, you could also use the tamplates you already have to try and get the same effect. I think that's what I'm going to do! :-)

Thanks for tuning in!
Xo, Rachael


  1. Very cool Rachael!!! Love the flowers that are on there as well!! TFS!!! Looking forward to seeing your video on the scrapbook expo!! Wanted to go but can't. Next year is for sure!! See ya soon!!


  2. I love this technique. I tried it without any template. Like the flowers on the side.


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